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Fundraising ABC’s Part 2 (Letters H-N)

Posted by brickmarkersusa on September 30, 2011

When creating your fundraising project it is important to use the appropriate verbiage.  Below we’ve continued to compile some essential words and phrases to keep in mind when communicating during your fundraiser.  This time we’ve done letters H-N.

H.      HERITAGE – property inherited/passed down

I.       INITIATIVE – originate and/or follow through with a plan; taking the first step

J.      JUSTICE – moral or ideal rightness; could be what your project is working toward or standing for

K     KINDNESS – the quality of being warm-hearted & sympathetic

L.     LEGACY – property or valuables given to each generation; an important item you want your future generations to hold on to

M.    MATCHING GRANT – a grant, or donation, that is made to equal funds provided by other donors

N.     NETWORK – communication with others in attempt to gain support

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Brick and Tile Maintenance

Posted by brickmarkersusa on September 15, 2011

Mother Nature is making some noise in the past weeks.  Between the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, exciting weather is dominating the US.  As all of us at Brick Markers® are sending our thoughts and prayers to those stuck in the middle of all the chaos.

We would also like to take the time to remind you that if your project is caught in the middle of some wild weather to make sure to follow our general maintenance guidelines to ensure that your bricks and tiles last a lifetime.

  • Low-pressure hose washers can be helpful when removing soil.
  • Detergents added to the water stream might speed the removal of soil.
    • Apply a mild detergent, such as ProSoCo 600 detergent, to the area.  Allow the cleaner  to sit on the stained area for about ten minutes, but do not allow the cleaner to dry.  You may need to agitate the cleaner to keep it moist.  After the allotted time, you may  scrub with a nylon bristled brush and rinse thoroughly.
    • Be sure to protect plants and flowers prior to applying the cleaner and especially during the rinse cycle.
  • Unless the pavers have been contaminated with a material containing Portland cement, acid cleaners should not be used (acid cleaners must never be used on clay pavers.)
  • High pressures may cause damage to clay pavers.
  • Do not use steel brushes or shovels they may cause damage to your clay pavers.
  • Always do a small test area before you do the larger areas.

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Fundraising ABC’s

Posted by brickmarkersusa on July 29, 2011

When creating your fundraising project it is important to use the appropriate verbiage.  Below we’ve compiled some essential words and phrases to keep in mind when communicating during your fundraiser, letters A-G.

 A           ALLIANCE– a union, relationship, or connection through a common interest
              ANNUAL GIFT – contributions made yearly to nonprofit agencies 

B            BENEVOLENCE – the inclination to be charitable
              BUDGET – the total amount of money allocated for your project 

C            CAMPAIGN – the plan of action to achieve your fundraising goal
              CHARITABLE DEDUCTION – a portion of a donation that can be deducted for the donor’s income (for example
              nonprofit tax deductable donations) 

D            DONATION – monetary or service giving to an organization (sounds much better than using “sale” or “purchase”)
               DONOR – person who is giving or contributing to your organization 

E            ENDORSEMENT – support for your project 

F            FUNDRAISING – soliciting money in support of an organization, project, or cause 

G            GOAL – the purpose
              GRATITUDE – appreciation or thankfulness for something

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This Summer Get Geared Up for Fundraising!

Posted by brickmarkersusa on July 13, 2011

School may be out for summer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning ahead for the upcoming year.  Now is the perfect time to get your fundraiser ready for the fall.  Some basic steps you want to take when planning your campaign are:

1.  Determine Your Goal
Create a tangible and financial goal for your fundraiser, how much you want to raise and where the funds will be allocated.  An objective will keep your group members focused and motivated.

2.  Make a Deadline
A good time frame averages 3-6 months.  A short campaign will keep donors interested, and members motivated to raise the money.  If it is an on-going campaign be prepared to introduce new marketing techniques every so often in order to renew interest in the project.

3.  It’s All Who You Know
Knowing who is a part of your group will help you organize and determine what fundraising style will work best.  Your group members are going to be getting the word out; make sure you know who can help and how much time they can spend.  Also your group members will help determine the geographic reach of your fundraiser.

4.  Motivation
Keep your group motivated by keeping in close and constant contact.  It is the best way to ensure members are staying on track and keeping your objectives in mind.  A few words of encouragement can go a long way, and will keep your fundraiser going.  Your group is putting a lot of time and effort into your project; make sure they understand how appreciated they are.

Also, make sure you are also working hard out there.  A great way to motivate your group is by being a role model, and ensuring you are doing your part to make the fundraiser a success.

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Pirates of Lake Charles Rebuild Their Sunken Ship

Posted by brickmarkersusa on June 23, 2011

Eleven years ago Brick Markers® met the wonderful people of Lake Charles when they came together to build a dream-playground for their community.  In 10 days 5,500 volunteers created Shiver Me Timbers Millennium Park.  Local businesses donated money and supplies to build the 20,000 square foot playground, consisting of a tower, train, plane, and multi-story Louisiana Hurricane slide. 

In January of this year the property fell victim to arson.  An estimated $190,000 of damage was incurred.  Due to the extensive damage and immense difficulties involved with restoration, it was determined that Millennium Park will be rebuilt with a brand new design.  The city of Lake Charles is banding together, yet again, to make an even better Shiver Me Timbers. 

The new Millennium Park design is intended for maximum safety, and will offer a more interactive experience for children of all ages.  The design includes a spray park, walking track, shaded picnic areas, as well as a brand new pirate ship!  

If you would like to learn more about the amazing progress of this project please visit the city website or their Facebook.

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Brick Markers® Honors Those Who’ve Served

Posted by brickmarkersusa on June 2, 2011

The photo displays the amazing progress of the Collier County Freedom Memorial project. This memorial honors those who lost their lives during the attacks of 9/11.

Once a year we mark the beginning of summer with a day to honor and remember those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we celebrate.  Memorial Day was originally enacted after the Civil War to honor Union and Confederate soldiers, but was extended to encompass all war soldiers after WWI.  Since then the holiday has evolved into the mark of summer’s beginning and used as a more generalized holiday for remembrance. 

Every year Memorial Day is an extremely important day to those of us at Brick Markers®.  Not only do we get to enjoy a three-day weekend like the rest of you, but also we always take the time to celebrate the many wonderful memorial projects we have been honored enough to be a part of over the years.  Some of our memorial projects include the Lower Makefield Township Veterans Square, the Collier County Freedom Memorial, the Pacific War Memorial, and the Arkansas Korean War Veterans Memorial

Our quality fundraising products have been utilized for hundreds of these projects across the country that honor service men and women, as well as those who have simply been special in someone’s life.  With our patented laser engraving processes these pavers and tiles are guaranteed to last a lifetime and the engraving will never fade, chip, peel or oxidize, keeping the memory of those men and women alive for generations to come.

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The Little Zoo That Could…Does!

Posted by brickmarkersusa on May 26, 2011

It was years in the making, but finally the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is a year away from unveiling its new home.  It will be the world’s first environmentally sustainable zoo.  The “Amazing Green Zoo” will be a benchmark project, attempting to leave as close to a zero-carbon footprint as possible. 

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo first gained national recognition in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan struck the coast forcing the zoo’s staff to perform a complete evacuation, the first in U.S.history.  After making it through and rebuilding the facility, a second and third evacuation was put into effect after Hurricanes Dennis and Katrina plowed through the coast.  That’s three evacuations in less than 11 months! 

In 2006 the zoo gained additional recognition during its road to recovery when Animal Planet filmed the documentary series, “The Little Zoo That Could.”  It opened the zoo’s doors to viewers across the country displaying the trials the staff and its animals were going through trying to rebuild after such devastation. 

As viewers became inspired by the zoo’s story, thousands of donations began to pour in giving the zoo the help it needed to get back in its feet.  Fourteen months after being completely destroyed the zoo was finally able to open its doors to the public yet again. 

Zoo Director Patti Hall and a tiger cub.

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo’s Director, Patti Hall, was determined to protect her zoo from further devastation by looking into relocating the zoo a few miles inland, on flood-proof terrain.  Thanks to the 25-acre donation from Clyde Weir and his daughter, Andrea Weir Franklin, in 2006, that dream became a reality.  The property is four miles inland and will be the start of their green movement.  Currently an additional television show, “Amazing Green Zoo,” will be documenting Hall and her staff learning how to go green. 

But to continue this zoo’s progress they constantly need help.  In 2009 Brick Markers® began working with the Zoo Foundation to create the ultimate fundraiser to help them move to high ground.  Be a part of the Higher Ground Zoo Move Campaign and leave a lasting memory with a remarkable zoo.  Take a look at their order form that you can print from home and send it in.  

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is more than the little zoo that could, it is the little zoo that does!

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Busy Bees at the U.S. Navy Seabee Museum Prepare for new building Opening

Posted by brickmarkersusa on May 18, 2011

        The U.S. Navy Seabee Museum will open in its new building in two months.  On Friday, July 22nd the new facility will open its doors to the general public. 

            The re-opening is scheduled to start on the first day of the Seabee Days.  It has been a long road for the CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation to raise the necessary funds to get the facility open.  Currently the facility has been hosting open houses for the public every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, and 1st Saturday each month from 10a-2p.  Over 1,500 supporters have visited since the open houses began in October. 

            In addition to viewing the new building and touring temporary exhibits in the North gallery, museum visitors can see a piece of Seabee history in Victory Plaza, the entrance into the facility.  Brick Markers® is honored to be a part of such a historical project.  With over 4,000 bricks already installed and another 1,000 to be installed in six weeks, it is one of our bigger projects to date.  

            Victory Plaza’s bricks serve as memorials and honorariums to many service men and women, as well as the United States Navy and the museum.  The project began in 2006, and serves as a culmination of the support and service provided by thousands of people.  

            If you are interested in learning more about the Victory Plaza project at the CEC Seabee Museum, take a look at their website and Facebook page.

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Utilizing Holidays & Special Occasions to Promote Your Long-Term Fundraiser

Posted by brickmarkersusa on May 5, 2011

When creating a fundraiser the primary goal is to raise as much money as possible for your project.  With long-term projects it can sometimes be difficult to keep continued interest. 

One of the simplest ways to highlight your fundraiser is by utilizing holidays and special occasions.  For example, with Mother’s Day right around the corner now is the perfect time to remind your community that you are providing an excellent gift.  Brick Markers® bricks and tiles provide permanent engraving that will last a lifetime.  So one could emphasize that this is a gift that will honor Mom and be able to be enjoyed for the years to come.

Holidays occur so much throughout the year that it can highlight your fundraiser constantly, keeping interest in your project.

Also be sure to target special occasions that your fundraiser might be able to adapt to.  At Brick Markers® we often get requests to do memorial, birth, and even proposal bricks and tiles.  If events like these fit into your fundraising event advertise it.

The more ways you find to highlight your project, the more likely you will make the project a success.

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Tax Deductions Found in Fundraising

Posted by brickmarkersusa on April 20, 2011

As Tax Season comes to a close we are all trying to figure out where the deductions are, and how to make the most out of your tax return.  For those of you who have been charitable this year, your fundraising donations may be a deduction you have overlooked.

According to Turbo Tax’s website, one of the top ten most overlooked deductions for 2010 are “out-of-pocket charitable contributions.”  Big and little donations count!  Brick Markers® is involved with a few non-profit projects which donors are able to claim tax deductions for their brick/tile purchase.  Look into the federal and state requirements for any purchases you’ve made, and you might be able to receive a little boost in your tax returns.

For those of you planning your own fundraiser, looking for small tax deductions can reduce costs for your project and increase sales.  What a better way to get people interested in donating to your project than letting them know they may be able to get a little bit of that money back.

Brick Markers® is in its 6th year working with the University of Alabama Coleman Coliseum’s Crimson Terrace fundraising project. Working with the University, Brick Markers® mails letters to donors informing them that their contribution is tax deductible.   All deductions are relative to the individual project and the donations involved.  Definitely take the time, this tax season or next, and see what your good deeds can do for you.

The University of Alabama’s donors are entitled to a slight tax deduction for their donation.  Their Crimson Terrace project and the Coleman Coliseum has been a steady fundraising project with Brick Markers® for several years.

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