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Veterans Square Park Project

Posted by brickmarkersusa on June 28, 2010

Veterans Square Project

The Lower Makefield Township Veterans Committee is dedicated to creating a timeless monument to honor veterans of the past, present and future within a community park setting.

Veterans Square Park is located on the corner of Edgewood and Heacock Roads in Lower Makefield Township, Pennsylvania.  Located adjacent to a grand oak tree in the park, our American flag is surrounded by black and white walls symbolizing war and peace, and the transformation from darkness to light, sadness to joy.

Atop the black wall rises a life-size bronze eagle representing the emergence of the human spirit from despair to hope for future generations.  Local veterans who gave their lives in service to our country will be memorialized on a bronze plaque within the protective walls of the monument.

You can honor a local veteran at no charge by engraving his/her name on the top of the circular wall which envelopes and protects its citizens or you can purchase a paver for any veteran dear to you or be a community participant by purchasing a paver engraved with your name, the name of a family member or your business name.

The pavers represent the citizens of the community forming the foundation of the monument.  There will also be a bronze plaque honoring the WWII veterans of the Edgewood neighborhood and a patriotic, inspirational quote will be inscribed on the interior of the white civic wall.  If you would like an order form to make a tax deductible donation, please call (267) 274-1195 or e-mail

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