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Brick Fundraising 101

Posted by brickmarkersusa on July 21, 2010

Harmony Baptist Church in Kentucky

If your organization needs to raise funds, a brick fundraiser is a proven method of generating substantial revenue and requires minimal time and effort.  Additionally, this type of fundraiser creates a permanent connection between the donors and the fundraising organization.

When creating a flyer, it is important to explain the reason for the project and how the money raised will help the community.  The flyer should include a rendition to show where the engraved donor bricks will be installed and an order form.  It is a good idea not to use the word “sale” within your flyer but rather to use the word “donation”.

Custom Bricks

Once you have created a flyer, the next step is to market your campaign.  The Chamber of Commerce can provide you with a list of names and addresses of businesses in the City that you can use to build a donor list.  Another suggestion is to contact the main office of local universities for a list of students, alumni and staff.  Create a kiosk that displays custom engraved brick samples which will allow potential donors to see what they are purchasing.  Create a website that will allow donors to purchase an engraved brick online.  Ask the local newspaper to print a free press release outlining your project.  Create posters to place throughout your organization and send email blasts to members, contacts and corporations.

When researching engraving companies, we strongly recommend that you visit project sites that have been installed for several years or more and see for yourself what methods of engraving withstand normal wear and tear and weather conditions.  Furthermore, it is imperative that you choose an engraving company that will provide you with a written lifetime guarantee.  It is essential that 100% of the revenue raised is allocated for your organization’s fundraising cause and not into replacing any bricks that do not meet the standards of your committee and donors.  The overall longevity and appearance of your brick/tile area will determine how successful your campaign will be.


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Materials Needed to Install Engraved Bricks/Pavers

Posted by brickmarkersusa on July 1, 2010

Brick Installation

Are you installing bricks for a commemorative brick/paver program?  Installing engraved bricks is a fairly simple process however it is important that they are properly installed so we do suggest hiring a professional mason.  Should you choose to install the bricks yourself; detailed installation instructions can be found on The Brick Industry Association website at or you can open this PDF .

If you are pulling up existing bricks in order to replace them with engraved bricks, you will need to purchase a paver puller.  You can purchase a paver puller and watch this instructional video on how to use it.

Brick Markers

You will need the following items for creating an installed brick area from scratch:

Brick:  Brick paver sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but they generally come in 4”x8” and 8”x8” and are 2 ¼” thick

Sand:  Sand is used to hold the bricks in place and you should use only well-graded, washed concrete sand

Crushed Stone:  Stone is used to create a strong base and drainage

Border/Edging:  Brick, rigid plastic or metal edging or wood

String & Wooden Stakes:  For aligning the bricks

Tools:  Flat shovel, Wheelbarrow, Garden hose with find spray nozzle, Hard garden rake, Broad-blade chisel, brick splitter or masonry saw for cutting and fitting the brick, Level, Wood “screed” strip – a 2 x 4, at least 3’ long for creating a uniform and sand bed depth, Electric drill and bit (for wood edging only), Trowel, Broom, Plate Compactor

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