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This Summer Get Geared Up for Fundraising!

Posted by brickmarkersusa on July 13, 2011

School may be out for summer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning ahead for the upcoming year.  Now is the perfect time to get your fundraiser ready for the fall.  Some basic steps you want to take when planning your campaign are:

1.  Determine Your Goal
Create a tangible and financial goal for your fundraiser, how much you want to raise and where the funds will be allocated.  An objective will keep your group members focused and motivated.

2.  Make a Deadline
A good time frame averages 3-6 months.  A short campaign will keep donors interested, and members motivated to raise the money.  If it is an on-going campaign be prepared to introduce new marketing techniques every so often in order to renew interest in the project.

3.  It’s All Who You Know
Knowing who is a part of your group will help you organize and determine what fundraising style will work best.  Your group members are going to be getting the word out; make sure you know who can help and how much time they can spend.  Also your group members will help determine the geographic reach of your fundraiser.

4.  Motivation
Keep your group motivated by keeping in close and constant contact.  It is the best way to ensure members are staying on track and keeping your objectives in mind.  A few words of encouragement can go a long way, and will keep your fundraiser going.  Your group is putting a lot of time and effort into your project; make sure they understand how appreciated they are.

Also, make sure you are also working hard out there.  A great way to motivate your group is by being a role model, and ensuring you are doing your part to make the fundraiser a success.


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