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Fundraising ABC’s

Posted by brickmarkersusa on July 29, 2011

When creating your fundraising project it is important to use the appropriate verbiage.  Below we’ve compiled some essential words and phrases to keep in mind when communicating during your fundraiser, letters A-G.

 A           ALLIANCE– a union, relationship, or connection through a common interest
              ANNUAL GIFT – contributions made yearly to nonprofit agencies 

B            BENEVOLENCE – the inclination to be charitable
              BUDGET – the total amount of money allocated for your project 

C            CAMPAIGN – the plan of action to achieve your fundraising goal
              CHARITABLE DEDUCTION – a portion of a donation that can be deducted for the donor’s income (for example
              nonprofit tax deductable donations) 

D            DONATION – monetary or service giving to an organization (sounds much better than using “sale” or “purchase”)
               DONOR – person who is giving or contributing to your organization 

E            ENDORSEMENT – support for your project 

F            FUNDRAISING – soliciting money in support of an organization, project, or cause 

G            GOAL – the purpose
              GRATITUDE – appreciation or thankfulness for something


2 Responses to “Fundraising ABC’s”

  1. I love this…the ABC’s of Fundraising….very good list of how to do a fundraiser.

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