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Fundraising ABC’s Part 2 (Letters H-N)

Posted by brickmarkersusa on September 30, 2011

When creating your fundraising project it is important to use the appropriate verbiage.  Below we’ve continued to compile some essential words and phrases to keep in mind when communicating during your fundraiser.  This time we’ve done letters H-N.

H.      HERITAGE – property inherited/passed down

I.       INITIATIVE – originate and/or follow through with a plan; taking the first step

J.      JUSTICE – moral or ideal rightness; could be what your project is working toward or standing for

K     KINDNESS – the quality of being warm-hearted & sympathetic

L.     LEGACY – property or valuables given to each generation; an important item you want your future generations to hold on to

M.    MATCHING GRANT – a grant, or donation, that is made to equal funds provided by other donors

N.     NETWORK – communication with others in attempt to gain support

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